Tired of that spare tire around your tummy? We can help!

Hi guys!  The summer is right around the corner and if you want to be beach body ready for bikini weather, a big event like a wedding or a party, we have the solution for you.  I’ve talked to so many of you, ranging from petite to plus size and we all seem to have […]

Get beach body ready with iLipo!!!

I have been searching for many years and finally found what I think is the perfect fat busting machine. I have looked at laser lipo, focused ultrasound, and fat freezing.  The iLipo® is simple but elegant in the way it handles your unwanted fat.  The iLipo® is a low level laser that accomplishes targeted fat […]

Have you heard about DOT?

I can’t believe we are at the end of Febuary already!  Time continues to go faster and faster.  Only 2 more weeks of special pricing for our DOT laser resurfacing.  This is a fractional CO2 laser that clears pigment, tightens pores, tightens skin (including eyelids), smooths deep lines, wrinkles, and acne scars.  There is cosmetic downtime anywhere […]

Growth Factor Facials

I had my first Growth Factor Facial with stamping yesterday.  I loved it so much, I decided to make it my very first blog!  Skin Stamping treatments are like  smoothie shakes for the skin. Healthy vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients, GROWTH FACTORS and collagen stimulators are delivered to the working layer of the skin, the dermis. This deeper layer […]

All About Sunscreen

This morning I walked the bridge and saw 6 dolphins playing in the river.  How lucky we are to live in this paradise!  Of course all the days of sunshine do take their toll unless we protect well.  I feel naked if I leave the house without sunscreen and you should too!  Sunscreen can be […]