5 Surprising Long Term Effects of Botox® Jupiter and Stuart Need to Know

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On March 5, 2020

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5 Surprising Long-Term Side Effects of Botox® You Need To Know

There are some surprising long-term side effects of Botox® that are different than the short-term effects that you may have heard about.

The Muscles In Your Face Will Get Weaker

Dr. Barrett, MD, states that with continued use over time, the muscles in your face will weaken.  That means you might not need to use as frequently.  While you won’t be as expressive as in the past, the lines and wrinkles will be more diminished.

Long-Term Treatment Can Become More Effective

A 2015 study published in the journal Toxins (Basel) found that treatment was more effective long-term for those who used Botox® repeatedly.  Therefore, using it more regularly might actually give you better results!

Botox® Could Travel into The Central Nervous System

Researchers have found that Botox® might not stay where it was injected and movie into your central nervous system.  More research is being done on this so error on the side of caution and use Botox® moderately as recommended by your doctor.


The Veins in Your Face Might Be More Obvious

Muscle atrophy in the area where Botox® was injected can cause changes in facial contouring.  Thus, it is very important to maintain good skin care habits and go collagen to keep the overlying skin healthy.  If the skin gets damaged by UV rays, then it will exacerbate the thinning of the skin and veins will be more pronounced.

With Repeated Botox® Injections, Side Effects Could Increase

A 2015 review published in Pharmacology found that some people will experience more side effects after the tenth or eleventh injections.  Additionally, people who use Botox® for treatment of conditions, rather than for cosmetic purposes, might be at a greater risk.


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