Baby Botox® is Popular Pre-juventation Among Millenials

Written By RENU Medical Aesthetics

On August 27, 2020

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Pre-juvenate wth Baby Botox!

Watch our own Nurse Practitioner Jamary discuss and perform one the most popular and cost effect pre-juvenation technique to prevent future wrinkles – BABY BOTOX! OInstead of trying to turn back the effects time, an increasing number of young women are undergoing non-invasive cosmetic procedures to stop time in its tracks, before it does its damage.

Baby BOTOX uses a lower amount than traditional injection to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.  NP Jamary states “Rather than 25 units per area, for a young woman, only 10 units is necessary for their prevention purposes.”  Besides the lower volume of Botox, the key is the technique.    You need to be very precise as to where the Botox is injected otherwise, the lower volume won’t be as effective in preventing future wrinkles.

Baby BOTOX works for millennials and middle aged women, who are looking to prevent future wrinkles in the brow and around their eyes.
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