Hair Loss Treatments in Jupiter and Port St Lucie, FL

Do you have thinning hair and balding? Before you decide to have extensive surgery to restore your hair, learn about hair loss treatments by board-certified MD, Dr. Valerie Barrett. Dr. Barrett offers safe and effective non-surgical hair loss treatments for men and women in Jupiter, Port St. Lucie, Stuart, Tequesta, Palm Beach Gardens and surrounding areas of Florida.

What are Hair Loss Treatments?

Hair restoration is a popular treatment for men and women who want to regain fuller, thicker hair in areas of thinning and balding. Hair transplant surgery is a common procedure that requires you to go through a process of extracting and implanting hair grafts. The recovery from the procedure can be extensive, and people know that you have had an invasive hair loss treatment either due to the scarring or sudden appearance of hair. RENU Medical Aesthetics offers hair restoration services that gradually grow your natural hair.

What is PRP for Hair?

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is a derivative of your blood that is proven to stimulate tissue development in the human body. PRP for hair loss works with your body to grow new hair in areas where you have experienced hair loss.

What is Microneedling for Hair?

Microneedling creates microinjuries in your scalp to promote the release of growth factors that help with hair growth. The microinjuries are not visible, and your scalp looks slightly red for one to two days. Results typically take 12 weeks.

What are the Benefits of Hair Restoration?

  • No painful hair transplant process
  • No extensive scars on the base of the scalp
  • Produces a natural hair growth pattern
  • Quick, easy and painless procedures

What Can Be Treated with Hair Loss Treatments?

Our hair loss treatments are recommended for men and women who suffer from hair loss and balding that is linked to a genetic disposition for thinning and balding. Patients who suffer from hair loss for other reasons may not be good candidates for our treatments.

Why Choose RENU Medical Aesthetics for Hair Restoration?

Dr. Barrett values treatments that not only help her patients with their cosmetic concerns, but also those that offer no lengthy recovery, scarring or downtime due to the non-surgical nature. This commitment to the patient experience is why she is respected amongst her patients, as well as her fellow physicians.

Do you wake up each morning only to find that you have lost a little more of your hair? Board-certified MD, Dr. Valerie Barrett, can help with non-surgical hair loss treatments at RENU Medical Aesthetics. If you live in Jupiter, Port St. Lucie, Stuart, Tequesta, Palm Beach Gardens and surrounding areas of Florida, contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Barrett.