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On June 15, 2020

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New Lip Filler Was Just FDA-Approved

Restylane Kysse  is a new hyluronic acid alternative to the popular Juvederm lip filler that just become FDA approved in May 2020.

It uses Galderma’s proprietary XpresHAn Technology®  (pronounced ex-spre-shan) which enhances the way that the hyaluronic acid binds to the lips.  Kysse actually binds to the lip tissue where it gets injected.   When youre talking, smiling, and kissing, it stretches but then goes back to the way it was.  It becomes a part of the lip tissues.

Lip filler can feel uncomfortable or difficult to get used to, like there’s an unknown substance inside your lips (because there is!).  Dr. Barret found that Kysse felt more nature, in addition to looking more natural.  “It’s not only believable to everyone else, but it is believable to you!’

Clinical trials showed that Kysse can last for almost a year.  Other lip fillers typically last three to six months.  Additionally, the amount needed to show an improvement in lip fullness can be 20% less than other lip fillers.  If Kysse works for you, you may be able to pay less money for filler than lasts longer!

Kysse  works for millennials who are looking for the “enhanced” lips, as well as 50 – 70 year old patients who want to bring volume back into their lips.  
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