Kysse™ and Botox® are Most Popular Among Young Women

Written By RENU Medical Aesthetics

On July 29, 2020

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Fill Lips with Kysse and Prevent Wrinkles with Botox

One of the latest cosmetic trends in the millennial consumer group is prejuvenation, the latest new word from combining prevention and rejuvenation. Instead of trying to turn back the effects time, an increasing number of young women are undergoing non-invasive cosmetic procedures to stop time in its tracks, before it does its damage.

One of the popular ways of preventing fine lines from worsening into deep wrinkles is by getting Botox to relax facial muscles. The idea behind this is simple: the less muscles contract, the less the skin will crease. It is much harder to treat wrinkles after they have already formed, but much easier to simply delay their onset. In fact, if a wrinkle has already etched its way onto your face when your muscles are at rest, its likely that Botox can?t help and rather must be treated with a filler instead. By using Botox to stave off fine lines before they have a chance to develop into deep wrinkles, you can delay the signs of aging and enjoy a younger appearance for much longer.


In the quest for Kylie-esque lips, more and more young women are opting for fillers. All it takes is a quick scroll through your social feeds to be reminded that full lips are still THE THING. And, in case you didn’t notice, it’s not just ladies of a certain age using fillers to minimize fine lines and get back their youthful pouts. Call it the Kylie effect: Young women are increasingly the ones getting their lips done—and according to Dr. Barrett, they’re starting younger and younger.

“The most common age range would be mid-20s to mid-30s and I even see young women in the early 20s coming in for lip treatment” says Dr. Barrett.

And a lot of young women are getting their inspiration from Instagram. “I think as more and more people post their results on social media, it’s becoming increasingly popular. It’s a very simple and straightforward procedure, so it’s ideal for those looking to increase volume, tweak shape or just provide a little plumping and oomph to their lips,” 

Kysse  works for millennials who are looking for the “enhanced” lips, as well as 50 – 70 year old patients who want to bring volume back into their lips.  
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