Laser Hair Growth in Jupiter and Port St Lucie, FL

Are you looking for a hair restoration solution, but want to avoid surgery and products that don’t work? Board-certified MD, Dr. Valerie Barrett, offers laser hair growth with the innovative iGrow® system. This safe and easy treatment works for men and women, and Dr. Barrett offers it to people who live in Jupiter, Port St. Lucie, Stuart, Tequesta, Palm Beach Gardens and surrounding areas of Florida.

What is Laser Hair Growth?

Laser energy has introduced numerous new treatment options in the field of medicine. By using different wavelengths of high-energy light beams, clinicians can stimulate tissue development to aid in healing. This same approach is now available for hair restoration in men and women. Laser hair growth works by administering laser energy to hair follicles to stimulate new hair development.

What is iGrow®?

Dr. Barrett offers the iGrow® laser hair growth treatment to her patients. The low level light therapy is proven to increase hair regrowth in men and women by more than 35 percent for those who have certain types of hair loss.

What are the Benefits of Laser Hair Growth?

  • Stimulates natural hair growth
  • Results in approximately six months
  • iGrow® is proven to produce superior results compared to similar systems
  • No surgery required
  • No scars
  • No downtime
  • Short, comfortable treatments

What Can Be Treated with Laser Hair Growth?

Clinical studies show that laser hair growth is effective for men with male pattern baldness and women with hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia.

What Should I Expect from Laser Hair Growth?

Your hair grows in a very specific cycle that includes growth, resting and shedding. Each hair may be at a different point in this cycle; therefore, you may notice some hairs falling out while you are having laser hair growth treatments. This is part of the normal hair growth cycle, and not an indication of the efficacy of the treatment.

How Much Does Laser Hair Growth Cost in Jupiter, FL?

Our laser hair growth treatments are tailored to each patient, and that is why Dr. Barrett is able to achieve superb results. As such, the cost does vary, and we can provide this information at the time of your complimentary consultation. Should you be interested in financing the cost rather than paying by cash, check or credit card, we encourage you to apply with CareCredit®.

Imagine re-growing hair in areas of thinning and balding with a comfortable and easy treatment! Board-certified MD, Dr. Valerie Barrett, offers just this type of hair restoration for men and women. If you are interested in hair restoration in Jupiter, Port St. Lucie, Stuart, Tequesta, Palm Beach Gardens and surrounding areas of Florida, contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Barrett to discuss laser hair growth and the innovative iGrow® system.