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Meet Our Staff



Patient Care Coordinator

Tiara Wilder is a licensed Aesthetician with over a decade of aesthetic experience. Originally from West Los Angeles, California, her aesthetic career began working for “Ava M.D.” Dr. Ava Shamban is a featured Dermatologist from TV shows such as The Doctor’s, Extra TV, Good Morning America and Extreme Makeover. Tiara also has worked with Board Certified Plastic Surgeons where she learned how to do her first Post Face Lift Facial. Tiara is very passionate about skin care and making people feel great inside and out. She is at our Stuart location.



Patient Care Coordinator

Annie has worked in the aesthetic industry for the past 6 years.  She began her journey in New York City working for the celebrity cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Fredric Brandt, where she learned just about everything in this amazing industry (In case you’re curious, she can’t spill any secrets about your favorite stars).  She is Knowledgeable in injectables, lasers, skin care, Ultherapy, and radio frequency devices.  She has a passion for aesthetics and she will help guide you to achieving your aesthetic goals.


Aesthetic Consultant

Diana has been in the medical aesthetics field for over 12 years.  She became a licensed aesthetician after training in New York City and New Jersey.  She has worked with Board Certified Surgeons, providing comprehensive patient consultations, medical assistance, and advanced facial services. Diana enjoys educating the patients on all options to ensure they have the best possible outcomes.