Stuart Residents Ask: What to Expect During Laser Skin Resurfacing

Written By RENU Medical Aesthetics

On September 15, 2019

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Laser Skin Resurfacing in Jupiter and Port St Lucie, FLAs we age, it is increasingly common to notice fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and other superficial flaws. Although the appearance of these skin imperfections is completely natural, that does not make them any easier to accept. Fortunately, there is no need to tolerate these signs of aging as your new normal. Instead, laser skin resurfacing may be able to help. What should you expect during laser skin resurfacing? Here are a few points to keep in mind:

The Procedure is Generally Comfortable

During a laser skin resurfacing procedure, our fractional CO2 laser will send bursts of energy into your treatment area. Many patients describe the sensation as one similar to feeling a small pinch. However, the laser is applied in quick bursts, so discomfort is minimized.

Once your procedure is complete, you are free to return to your daily routine, with no required downtime. Your skin may be slightly red for a few days after your treatment. However, it will appear no worse than a mild sunburn.

The Cost is Affordable

Although laser skin resurfacing may sound like a substantial investment, we do our best to ensure that our patients pay for only the exact services that they need. As a result, we calculate all procedures on a case-by-case basis.

Additionally, we are glad to accept a wide range of payment options, including financing through CareCredit®. We hope this allows all of our patients to find that their desired procedure is within financial reach. You can expect to discuss your unique pricing and preferred payment option during your consultation.

Effective on Many Skin Types

One of the few treatments appropriate for dark skin, laser skin resurfacing requires just a single treatment to begin seeing impressive results. Even patients with delicate skin are good candidates for this procedure. Of course, the best way to determine your candidacy is to schedule a consultation.

Resurface Your Skin, Today

At RENU Medical Aesthetics, we have already helped countless patients from Stuart and the surrounding Florida communities refresh their look with the help of laser skin resurfacing. This procedure can be used on almost any area of the face, including the eyes, mouth and forehead. So if you have been considering laser skin resurfacing and are ready to learn more, you are in the right place. Simply contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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